16.01.18 - Unbelievable

No words needed... just thank you!


24.11.17 - Ascheregen out now!

The new album Ascheregen is out now! Get your copy here in the shop or everywhere you can download music.


23.11.17 - Wenn der Regen fällt

Tonight at 00:01 AM the new album will be released. To shorten the time you can listen to this "small" song.


19.11.17 - Ascheregen

Next friday Ascheregen will  finaly be released. Here is one more song:


10.11.17 - In deinen Augen, in deinem Gesicht

One more song...

28.10.17 - Über dünnes Eis

Here you can get a first glimpse of the new album:

27.10.17 - Release-Date is out!

It's happening! Ascheregen, the new RacheEngel-Album, will be released on 24th of November! It will be available on all popular streaming services and digital stores!

04.02.17 - New Shop

After some problems with the old shop it now should be possible to order the CDs again. Sorry for any discomfort.


20.10.16 - We're close to the end

Finally the 8th and 9th song of the upcoming album are recorded entirely. In fact that means that only one last song remains to complete the album. Also while I’m starting to work on this 14-15 minute long monster, the first steps of the final mix are going to be accomplished. I think this allows me to say that Ascheregen will probably be released in 2017. To shorten the time until then there will be another trailer within the next few weeks.

19.01.15 - New Trailer

As always time is passing way to fast. But even if the upcoming Album is still taking much time until it is done I'm looking forward to release it within this year. And as a proof of the proceeding process you can listen HERE to a little new trailer. Enjoy and let me know what you're thinking about it!

25.03.12 - The new Album

I know that many months have passed since I've posted the last news – but today you can be sure, that there are some big news to be announced. The new RacheEngel album “Sündenfall” is out now! The album includes 10 brand new songs with a current time of over an hour! You can order the album here on the websites shop for just 5€! To get an impression you can listen the new player on the websites top or follow those links to youtube: In deiner Hand, Sündenfall, Bis zum Horizont, Verbrannte Erde
Last but not least I would like to present the cover of the Album:
sundenfall250.jpg (50384 bytes)


22.02.11 - A new dawn is rising...

Many days have passed since I’ve announced some news here. But you shouldn’t think I’ve been inactive in these days. The forthcoming album called „Sündenfall“ is almost complete: All songs are completely written and recorded except the vocals in a few ones. I hope the day of release isn’t far, but to provide an insight I’ve uploaded some samples at MySpace and YouTube (Trailer 1 / Trailer 2) - let me know, what you think of them.


30.12.08 - Nordwind

Today is the day I have finished work on the new Album Nordwind! Everything is recorded and mixed. I will order Covers etc. in the next few days and I hope I can start with selling the album in January. In the next few days here, on Myspace and Last.fm will appear some new songs and information about the album, so stay tuned!


21.10.06 - New Homepage and Nordwind

As you can see the homepage has a new design. I Thought after almost 2 1/2 years it was time to change something.
But now lets come to more important things, the new album. I've recorded all instruments, except 3 solos, and have partly mixed them! I've also begun to write the lyrics and have recorded some too. Although I think it will still take some weeks or months until the release. But let me already say something. Nordwind will be the best recorded album I have ever made. And also I think I have made some great steps into the right direction since Sternenhimmel. So you can be curious with me. 


16.01.08 - New Album

Many days have passed since I've written some news on this english site. Today, on the fifth birthday of RacheEngel, I have some really good news for you:
RacheEngel has entered the Studio to record a new Album. The Album will be titled with "Nordwind". So far I have recorded the whole drums and something like one third of the guitars. I hope to complete the guitars until the end of February.
All in all I can't say how much time it will take until I can release Nordwind, but I think that you can expect it in this summer.
Finally I would like to show you the cover of Nordwind:

nordwind.jpg (7588 bytes)


21.10.06 - Sternenhimmel out now!

The new Album of RacheEngel is out now! You can find all information here and listen to some songs at www.myspace.com/racheengelmusic


04.07.06 - Samples...

Here is a small preview of the new album. I hope you will enjoy the two Songs "Die Kälte in mir" and "Eine neue Welt".


28.06.06 - Lyrics and cover...
Slowly the work at the album gets to its end. Almost all lyrics are written and I also started recording the vocals. In the middle of July I also will record a choir! More information will follow soon!
At the end I will present the coverart of the new album:

sternenhimmel150.jpg (6338 bytes)


30.04.06 - The new Album...
All instruments of the 10 songs are recorded! I'm very happy that I can now concentrate on the lyrics, although I know that some parts will be really hard to sing.
Now I can also announce that Sternenhimmel will have a play time of around 60 minutes.


15.02.06 - Some good news...
The instruments of 6 songs are already recorded - 4 are existing as ideas. As I can say at this moment the new album will sound less dark but more melodic.
I hope I will finish the last 4 songs in the next few weeks. Then the Vocals will be recorded.


16.01.06 - The years have passed...
I really can't belive that it is 3 years ago I have written the first song for this project. I think now it's the right time to thank all of you who have been all the time beside me.
Thank you...


02.01.06 - Happy new year...
A new year has begun - so I want to wish you a happy new year! For 2006 I have many plans to realise...

Everyone who is interested in the Falkenbach Tribute, should visit the Forum (www.Falkenbach.de) to check out some news!


13.12.05 - English page / New Album / Tribute to Falkenbach
So the english RacheEngel page is online now - some information have to be added in the future (and I have to own up that my english isn't as good as it should be), but I think for the beginning it's okay.

These are the latest news:

- Iam working on new material, so I hope the 2nd Album, that will be called "Sternenhimmel", can be released in 2006.
- RacheEngel will be part of a tribute to Falkenbach. The featured song will be "Into the ardent awaited land...". You can find further information here.