RacheEngel is a “one man”-project founded by Patrick Gajda in 2003. Its music connects elements from Gothic-, Death- and Powermetal with German lyrics that are based on a horror-/fantasyconcept while picking up on topics like philosophy, religion and history.

“Everything started very spontaneously. One day I took my guitar, sat down at my computer and started – even if I didn’t really know what I was doing.” It was in spring 2003 when the 16-year-old musician Patrick Gajda, who was playing in three more or less regional known bands these days, walked his first steps as a solo-musician. The result of those first steps was the song Wille aus Stahl. “First I didn’t know what this song could be for. It was written and recorded but it didn’t fit in any of my bands. But at that moment there was no reason for me to think about such things.” The positive feedback from friends gave the impulse for more concrete thoughts and the motivation to work on further songs.

During the next few weeks new songs were written for the solo-project that was now named In Ol Vendo. Also the thoughts about the future of the project were getting more concrete and led into the planning of the first album. And with the thoughts about the first album also first thoughts about a concept album appeared. But that wasn’t the end of the story. “While I was planning the concept the whole project began to form itself. Right after the concept for the first album was written I already had ideas for a second and then for a third album. At a certain point I wasn’t able to see how to get all this stuff realized.” After some time, the plan was clear: the whole project should tell one big story and every album should tell one chapter of it. In the following months this story was worked out and the project was renamed into RacheEngel.

Finally In October 2004 finally the first album Herzleid was released. It was followed by the albums Sternenhimmel, Nordwind, Sündenfall and Ascheregen in the next few years. “In retrospective this whole project was a really crazy idea that could only work out in the mind of a 16-year-old. For Herzleid I’ve basically learnt to play the guitar. Nearly every step in the production was totally new for me. For sure I’ve now gained some experience. But because of the growing complexity of the songs, the wish to not just use clichés in the lyrics and the will to sing the right note at least once in a blue moon, every album remained a huge challenge.”

Band: Patrick Gajda (all vocals and instruments)

Discography: Herzleid (2004), Sternenhimmel (2006), Nordwind (2009), Sündenfall (2012), Ascheregen (2017)
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